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How to Sell Your Business on Acquireo

6/13/2007 - by: Acquireo Team - Director of Marketing,

In creating an ad for any medium, you just write it and put it there. Right? Well – somewhat.

If you are private seller placing one listing or a business broker with an account that gives you unlimited listings, you will find the following suggestions helpful. They are written specifically for maximizing your listing's effectiveness and explains how to sell your business on Acquireo.

General guidelines:

Keywords: very important when you're placing your listing in a state and category with lots of other listings. This often occurs with restaurants and retail stores. How do you know what keywords to use? Search the state and category you plan to place your listing into. Be sure to use keywords that are directly related to your business. Try to think about and use keywords that someone might use to find your listings.


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Search tools: create your ad with Acquireo's advanced business for sale search tools in mind. These include keywords, location, zip code radius, and price range.

Search results: Are you familiar with the newspaper phrase "above the fold"? It describes the portion of the newspaper you see displayed on the news rack or in the vending machine, and is designed to get your attention so you buy the paper to read more. In the case of Acquireo, you are selling the reader on viewing your full-page listing after they see you in search results. How do you do that? All search results display the first 260 characters or so of your business description, along with headline, sub-headline for featured listings, asking price, and annual net income. When you write your business description, put the eye-opening, new, exciting, improved, faster, better, higher parts in your first 260 characters. Leave the dull but important details further down in your description.

Follow up on leads: When you receive a lead through Acquireo's confidential reply form and you see a phone number, pick up your phone and call. Don't email. Human contact is so important, especially in an increasingly online world. You might be able to get information in a friendly chat that you wouldn't in a ping-pong series of email exchanges. And at no time do you need to reveal confidential information prematurely.

The elements of your ad:

Headline: The most important part of your listing. Copywriters, those who write words for advertising and promotional purposes, spend a large portion of their time in writing the headline rather than the body of any ad. Sometimes, as in billboards, the headline is all there is. In writing the headline for your Acquireo listing, you want to balance the need for keywords with the most important benefit you can offer a reader of your ad. Strip away unnecessary words: buyers are searching for specific businesses for sale in certain areas and industry categories. If your headline reads: "Atlanta Restaurant for sale," they probably know that if they searched for Atlanta, Georgia restaurants and it has the appeal of used chewing gum stuck under the lunch counter. Give them something new and sweet to bite into.

Sub-headline: This very important element applies to you if you have a featured listing or a High Gear BrokerlogicsTM subscription account. The same idea in writing the headline applies here, except you can expand on the headline with exciting details or by adding keywords. Your Atlanta restaurant headline now reads: "Hot Southern Fish Fry." What you can put in your sub-headline? (What's that? You don't need a sub-headline or a featured listing? Maybe not, but why limit yourself when you're working smart to sell this business?) "700 daily @ $25 ticket, political crowd loves specials." Where do you get ideas on how to write your sub-headline? Your daily newspaper.

The body: You have three description areas to write: about the business, its facilities, and support for the buyer. Since you have a full-page listing, if you have lots to say, you can always let it spill over into the other sections.

  1. Gather your information in bulleted form.
  2. Sort these in order of importance.
  3. Write out each item to sell it as part of your entire ad. This is not grammar school and complete sentences don't count.
  4. Extract and copy the most important items in condensed form and put it at the beginning of your business description. This is your 160-character "above-the-fold" placement described above in search results.
  5. Include calls to action (call, email, reply to this ad) at the bottom of the business description, and see if you can weave it into the middle as well.

Tip for brokers:
How to sell your business - BrokerlogicsTM - Acquireo's Business Broker Services division. Specialize in selling businesses in certain categories? Mention that you have more than just one listing. You know that a buyer inquiry on specific inventory often leads to discussing other inventory. By pointing this out, you increase the number of "suspects" who convert into prospects and eventually into closed sales. If the shoe fits, let them wear it. If not, don't chase them out of the store: let them try on other pairs.

You have learned the essence of writing any ad specific to the media you are placing it into. In this case, for Acquireo. Now that you know how easy it is to write a powerful ads, use these simple, easy-to-follow guidelines to create your ad.

Have you opened your account yet? Get that part done so you can concentrate on your ad. It takes about 120 seconds.

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author: Acquireo Team

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