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Upholstery Business for Sale- Opportunities

1/28/2008 - by: Acquireo Team - Director of Marketing, Acquireo.com

Upholstery repair, reupholstered furniture and vehicles, motor homes and boats, airplanes and big land cruiser buses are all clients of upholstery shops. Upholstery business is a very profitable business for an experienced individual in this skilled occupation. Once a person has this knowledge and can handle any of these jobs, the door is open to owning a little one-man shop or a larger shop with several employees. Getting started in the business or buying an existing business is a matter of money and choice. Finding out about upholstery shops for sale is very easy as a website like www.acquireo.com will list businesses for sale and business brokers who can help you find a deal you can handle.

Starting one from scratch is a matter of letting the community know that you are open for business. Advertising is one of the ways, getting the word out with different associated businesses is another way to begin to attract customers. Letting businesses know that deal in antiques or furniture that will need to be repaired is another way to gain customers.

This way of getting into the business is slower than buying an existing business. If you can get into the larger deals like planes, boats and mobile homes then you can work on some projects that will generate some real income. People who own these kinds of possessions will spend money to get exactly what they want.

Finding just the right business to buy

The key to owning a successful business is made simpler by buying a going business with a good reputation. This business with a clientele and a following will mean immediate cash flow to the new owner. The secret is to maintain the quality of the work. If mostly the employees do the work, make sure that they will still be with the business after you buy it. You will need them to keep up the jobs and the quality work. Many of these types of businesses can be purchased with the help of the current owner. With a reasonable down payment, they will be willing to take payments for the balance that is due. Working out the details is sometimes easier to do with the help of a good business broker. They are use to putting deals together so that both parties are fairly treated.

Make sure that the deal you do is very conservative as to payments. You can always pay more at any given time, but it is hard to lower the payment once it is agreed to. Careful scrutiny of the deal and the price is mandatory when buying a business.

Equipment is always important in this sort of a business. Make sure that what you are buying is in good condition or if it needs to be repaired what is it going to cost to bring it up to standard. If a shop is part of the deal, make sure the building is inspected for its soundness. If it is a rented space, find out about renewal of the rent and can the current lease be assumed. When you buy a business, you would like to keep the same location if possible. If you are moving the shop, plan on a campaign to let the old customers know of the change.

Showroom of rehabilitated furniture

A showroom of furniture and before and after pictures will go a long way toward getting new customers. What can be done and how it will look after the repair is a real eye opener to the possible customer. The showroom does not have to be extensive, just enough to give a taste of the possibilities that you can offer to the customer. If space is at a premium, a gallery of pictures or a large scrapbook of before and after pictures will suffice. These also can be posted on your Internet website. The importance is to get the customer to imagine what their repair will look like when it is completed.

Found the business but lack funds needed to make the deal

This problem is one that business brokers see all of the time. They may have an answer for you that will work. You can also try and solve this problem for yourself by taking in a partner, speaking with a business lending company that helps new owners buy a business or trying to make a deal with the current owner. If a way can be found, make sure you can live with it over time. A tight deal may be unwise as the pressure to come up with the money could doom the business to failure. Walk away if it cannot be done in a fair way for you and the seller.

Some times just the fact that you are willing to forget the deal will make the seller more reasonable to deal with. The art of negotiating the sale is one that can be put in play by either the business broker or the buyer.


If you possess the skills to do fine upholstering, then you can make a very good living by practicing your art. If you can expand the work by owning a business then you can make a great deal more money. Whether you start one for yourself or buy another person’s business is a choice you must make. Whichever one you do, you will grow faster as long as you do quality work, which will enhance the business reputation. Word of mouth advertising is the best form of advertising that a business can get. Your work will sell your company. Customers that get more than they expected are always willing to brag to their friends that they got a good deal from you. Charge what you need to, to make a living, but do the job right. It will get you new customers. Find people you can train or hire the experience. You will need both as you grow. Trade shows and county fairs are a good way to let the public see what you are about. Satisfied customers are the best form of advertising you can get. Remember that when you are thinking of cutting a corner to get a job done.

You may view Upholstery Businesses for sale listings at http://acquireo.com/tag/upholstery.aspx

author: Acquireo Team

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