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Starting a Concrete Business

12/21/2007 - by: Acquireo Team - Director of Marketing,

Concrete construction is used in many aspects of construction from the backyard patio to concrete commercial buildings. Hoover dam just southeast of Las Vegas has tons and tons of concrete in the dam that holds back all of that water in Lake Mead. The dam was built in just less than 5 years and employed hundreds of depression era workers. The pouring of the concrete to make the dam is one of this industry’s masterpieces. A person with knowledge, experience and love of construction could make a very good life for themselves in this business. Cement is used in small construction projects like patios and stucco buildings and large commercial buildings like manufacturing plants and large commercial buildings. This is a business for all types of construction people with knowledge of concrete. Of course for larger projects it would help to have an education in engineering.

Starting a company or buying one is going to take some investigation

Starting a concrete construction company is going to take some fortitude, money and several years of experience. A company that poured pads, driveways, and patios could make a very good living for the owner of a small business. These jobs would not take a great deal of equipment and could be run with a small crew of employees. A company that specializes in this part of the construction business could deliver the concrete to the site. Another area of possible work is a partnership or subcontracting jobs with a pool company. In ground pools are built with a surrounding area of concrete which may or may not be part of the patio. A person starting a small operation should have many friends in the business that have worked with them before If these friends no that you do quality work and are able to handle the work, they may be willing to give you a shot at some of their smaller jobs.

Buying an existing company will make the chances of success much higher and could make a significant difference in immediate income. An existing business with a good reputation is worth a great deal in the construction business. the asking price may be high, but maybe a deal could be struck with the current owner to buy the business over time. Many deals are completed this way. One thing a successful company will have is a good staff and usable equipment. Quality conscious professionals do quality work. This reputation will get many new jobs when customers check out your references. Check new concrete businesses for sale at


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The only way to become a big company in this business is to grow into it, be born to it or have the money to buy out a big competitor. Solid jobs done on time and at the budget will help with growth. Customers and general contractors really like working with professionals. The secret is doing the work you know you can do and be careful when you are stepping out of your comfort zone. Analyze the business and the cash flow it will generate and make sure that you have been very conservative with your estimates.

Weather consideration in the concrete business

One expense that is not thought of immediately is a stand-alone weather service. This can be a service provided on the web, or rented by the month from companies that specialize in satellite distribution of immediate and local weather.

The problem with concrete and weather is this. Rain or extremely cold weather can ruin how concrete sets up. An owner in this business must know what the weather is going to do after a pour is completed. Make this mistake one time and suffer the loss and you will never let yourself be put in that position again. The loss on the job and then having to redo the job is a real bummer. Fortunately this is not a problem with the information that is available real time now days.

Paying for good help and keeping them on staff

Successful construction companies have a very good staff that takes pride in their work. Development of people in your business will also let you grow, because you need help and extra supervision as you grow. Multiple job sites will be a nightmare if you try to do it all by yourself. Pay your top people well and try very hard to keep them as busy as you can. People who like the work like to work.

Money can be found if you are short when buying

When you find the perfect business that is for sale, try to get the asking price without involving the current owner. Taking in a partner, getting money from a business lending company that specializes in buying businesses are two ways to come up with the money. Family and friends could be approached for a short-term loan. The final source for many sales is the current owner. Often they will consider doing this if the purchase price is sweetened a little. If you are using a business broker, they could help in this area of the sale. Their experience in making sales happen can be used to your advantage.


Building something that will be around for a while is a very satisfying businesas. The concrete construction business can be such a business for the owner and his staff. The pride in a job that is well done and can be revisited is part of the appeal of this business. The other solid reason for this business is someone has to make the concrete do its job. This takes knowledge, experience and skill. Pads or simple patios do not come into being by accident. If they are done right, they will last for a long time. More complicated structures that are made from concrete are marvels of design and thought. Some of Frank Lloyd Wrights work that still stands shows what can be done with concrete floors and overhangs. A person with a love of this business will never be bored or without an interest in the next project.

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author: Acquireo Team

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