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Real Estate Inspection Service – Opportunities

4/8/2008 - by: Acquireo Team - Director of Marketing,

When a person buys a home or a commercial building, the smart step toward an eventual purchase is to have the property inspected by a professional real estate inspector. The items that are part of a routine inspection are the hot water system, the heating, the air conditioning, the plumbing, garage doors and the roof. If there are built-in appliances these will be checked also. Depending on the part of the country the property is located in, there may be a need to inspect for mold in the property. Someone who has been an all purpose handyman would find this job right up there alley. All of these inspections take knowledge of the system and or the appliance. If a problem is found, the buyer of the property can pull and offer or make the repair part of the purchase contract. The skills needed for this work can be learned and then used to make the inspections. The problem is that this is a binding contract and if a purchase is made on the basis of a positive report, the inspector could be held liable. The repairs if they are needed are the responsibility of the seller. The cost of the inspection can be paid in full by the buyer or split between the buyer and the seller. In order to get into this business, you will need to have experience and even some formal education in some of the systems.

Where to find the education needed for inspectors

The Internet lists many places to get the knowledge and the accreditation needed to be a home inspector. A person interested in being in this business would be way ahead of the game if they checked out some of these sites and the cost of each program. Experts run these programs and the knowledge acquired would augment what the student brings to the table from their previous work. Since this business is all about being right, this suggestion makes a great first step in getting in this business whether starting from the ground up or buying an existing business.

Starting a business or buying a business

This question is always the one that needs to be answered early in the process of getting into any business. Start-ups can be stand alones, part of a franchise operation or deciding to go the other way and buy a business. Each has many advantages, but buying the existing business always seems to be one step ahead due to the clientele they have and the immediate cash flow. The cost can be substantially different between buying a business and starting one up. Existing clients have a real value when buying a business. is a good place to locate home inspection services for sale listed by business sellers and brokers. It also offers information and great help in getting started on the search for a business that is for sale. The list of business brokers that are available through Acquireo are worth checking out and seeing if they can help you.

Money is the grease that makes a business possible

Money is needed in any business. The need is first apparent when the purchase or the start-up is set in motion. It later is the “mother’s milk” that allows the business to stay open and continue and hopefully grow financially. The owners of a small business are always looking for sources and ways to get money they need for both short term and long term needs. A person with excellent credit and assets can get bank help or loans from businesses that lend to a business that is being bought out or needs short term financing. Loans from the old owner of a business that has been purchased are common when a business is sold. Money lets everything happen, provides for growth and the day-to-day operation of any business.

The real estate inspector business can be a one-man shop or a multi-person shop. With the pace that real estate changes hands every year, means that inspections will always be in demand and this business cannot be out sourced.Inspections give the buyer of the real estate a place of comfort when the property is given a clean bill of health. Money to carry out the inspections is needed until payments can be received.


Companies in the property inspection business are assured of an ongoing clientele as the number of properties that changes hands every year is a repeating process every year. The number may be growing one year and lover the following year, but the trend is up and these sales of property are almost always accompanied by an inspection. This is a source of reliable business on a yearly basis. A person that is considering this business as one that they would like to own will need experience and knowledge to do the job in the right way. There are schools and franchises that will help a person acquire the necessary education. There is a great deal of detail to this business and the need to be very precise in the inspections as there is a liability connected with doing these jobs. Purchases that are contingent on a passing inspection make the inspection of prime importance to both parties to the sale. This one element makes this a very important factor in the moving of property and the subsequent sale of the property. The written report can be used in court and also by either party to prove a contested point that has to do with the sale. If you have the knowledge and the experience, this field is going to be around for a very long time. It is a very critical service in the moving of real estate.

Home Inspection Services for sale

Home Inspection Franchise Opportunities 

author: Acquireo Team

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