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How to Start an Auto Business

9/5/2007 - by: Acquireo Team - Director of Marketing,

Which part of the auto business is of interest to you and do you have enough money to pursue that interest. This is the first question that people thinking of getting into an auto related business must answer for themselves. There are many auto related businesses that a person can consider. The range can start with auto repair or care and go to a new dealership. There are several areas that are different and yet are some how auto related.

The business types that fit into these categories have significant differences in start up cost. A new car dealership will cost more to buy than a small repair shop. A used car dealership may have a lower start up cost than a large multi-bay repair shop. A brand name muffler shop can have a large price tag if started from scratch. With these money considerations a person that wants to own a business in the auto field must be realistic about those areas they can afford to start or buy. There is a huge difference in the price tag of these different operations. The prospective owner of one of these businesses must make an early decision of what they can afford that they also would like to do. If is not logical that a non-mechanic would do well in with a repair shop. A non-sales person is not likely to own a car dealership. The point is that personal traits, likes and dislikes will lead a person to the likely businesses that they should consider.

How do you find auto businesses are for sale

Business brokers as a group are very good sources of businesses that are on the market. There are brokers that specialize in certain types of business, who would be very good people to contact about auto related businesses. The Internet is an excellent source for finding brokers and businesses that are for sale. Any large city is going to have brokers that specialize in buying and selling existing businesses. Brand name auto related businesses could also be contacted to see where and what they have to offer. If you have a passion for hot cars or just making them run right, maybe a car repair shop or a custom car shop could be your cup of tea. The cost to start one of these shops would be less than a new car dealership. On the other hand if you are a terrific sales person, a car sales company either new or used would be a logical choice if you have the money to buy one or get a new one off the ground. There are brokers and brand name auto companies that could help you find the answers you need for this niche area of the auto business. One other factor that must be looked into is there are many types of used car businesses. There are companies that only carry certain brands and there are businesses that restore certain cars. The variations which are found within the auto related entities is so profuse, that a person would be wise to see a list of all of the businesses in the area they wish to work. There are just so many possibilities that a person may consider when looking for a business to own.

If you have the money, the old owner will have the time

If you have the money, the old owner will have the time to listen to your offer to buy their business. This does not mean that you have all of the cash yourself, it just means that you can make a cash deal happen. I f you can get pre-approved for a credit line or loan, you can get a better price typically with a cash price offer. Most sellers will lower the price if they can be totally cashed out at the time of sale. If they do have to carry back paper, the price will be higher than an all cash deal. Using the sources that are easily found on the Net can help arrange this loan. By using a good search engine to find companies that make loans to buy a business, you will be surprised at how many sources make these business loans.

Other money sources are partners, friends or relatives. Each of these will have different pros and cons associated with them. Relatives may be willing to make a loan, but they will probably want it to be very short in time. A partner can bring all other sorts of difficulties, as someone has to be the boss. Friends may be okay if they can truly afford the loan. In any event a disinterested third party is the best of all sources if for no other reason than peace of mind.

A substantial down payment may ease the reluctance of the seller to carry back paper. At this point in the sale, it is all about negotiating the deal. Terms can be fair to both parties and that is the way it should be or the deal may ultimately fail. If the seller will not cooperate and the other money sources are not willing to help you, it is time to walk away. Sometimes not doing anything is the best course of action by all concerned. It may be that a year would make all the difference in the world.

This business purchase cries for a broker’s help

Because there are so many aspects to the auto business, this area is one where a knowledgeable broker with solid lists of businesses for sale would be of real help in finding a situation that is perfect for the buyer. They could give a quick over view of what is available in the categories that make up the auto businesses. This could save time and maybe even generate a new idea for a business. This is just one of the many services that a good broker can provide in the search for a business property.


The auto related business is an interesting area of possibilities for the person that wishes to own a business connected to cars. There is an area for just about every interest or personality that wants to earn his or her living in these areas. If you like working on cars or selling cars or caring for cars there is a business for you. It truly is about what you like to do with your time and finding an area that will allow you to enjoy yourself and make money at the same time. Finding a property that fits your interest or your skills is easily accomplished by using an experienced business broker. They will know the businesses in a geographical area that are for sale. They can give you a run down on the prices and the profitability of the businesses on their lists. This is a great time saver and speeds up the gathering of information that you will need to make informed decisions on the business you would consider owning. You may find two or three possibilities and this would be better for you as you could see which would be the best to buy based on many factors. Profit versus price would be a first consideration. You could find whom you could make the best deal with and have the best terms of purchase. And of course that is very important in buying an existing business.

author: Acquireo Team

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