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Flooring Company for sale-Buy one today!

4/3/2008 - by: Acquireo Team - Director of Marketing, Acquireo.com

A flooring company besides carpeting installs wood floors, tile, linoleum, concrete and vinyl squares. These flooring types, when properly installed, add beauty and ease of care to the part of the home or business that gets a lot of wear and tear. The variance of styles and types within the major categories offers the client a number of choices and colors to choose between. A new wood floor could be interconnected wood laminate products or parquet. Vinyl tiles can give all sorts of appearances like marble or terrazzo flooring. Real slate can be used also for the same flooring jobs. As you can see, the choices are endless and the customer has to make a difficult decision between the flooring ideas that are presented. To get a better view of what a new floor would be like, visit a showroom and see the products up close and in person. A photograph does not do the job like seeing the products in person. Connected wood laminate products not only look good, but also offer a very long guarantee. Slate or real tile products have a look and feel of old time elegance and again will hold up for a long time. All of these products come in many colors and shades of colors so a client can make very specific choices.

Proper installation is the key to a final good appearance. People who do this kind of work are considered professionals by other trades people and by the contractors that hire them to do the job. Their knowledge and experience is what a job boss is hiring. They not only do it right, but also they do it fast.

There are products that a homeowner can buy and install themselves with patience and care. The connecting wood laminates are an example of this. A concrete floor or one out of marble or slate should be left to an expert. Homeowners often attempt floors by the square, but the results depend on the patience and skill of the homeowner.

A flooring company should have a showroom so the customer can see the finished product. Touching, seeing the colors and feeling the product will often make the sale. Price becomes a secondary consideration when the correct flooring sample is presented and the customer falls in love with it. A good salesman lets the products do the selling and they are there to answer questions and give some idea of the cost per square foot. The job can be broken into three parts. First is the presentation, the sale or decision and then the final installation. These elements should flow together and be seamless to the client. Negotiating around a budget can be a matter of just making the cost of the job work for the client. Having in-place financing for the customer will go a long way toward making the sale happen.

Finding a company that is for sale

It’s easy to locate flooring companies for sale and business brokers at acquireo.com. Another way to find businesses is to look at the franchise market. Flooring companies can be franchise operations as well as independents. Once a possible purchase is located, the real work begins. Negotiating the sale of a business is not like buying a house, as there are many factors that need to be considered when making the purchase. Does the business come with a building or is the lease transferable to the new owner? What condition is the equipment in and will the current employees stay when a new owner takes over?

Usually there is a cash price and a financed price. The cash price is usually lower. The old owner may be willing to take part of the sales price in paper to help the buyer come up with all of the money needed to make the purchase. If they are willing to help in the financing, the sale may be easier to complete. The business broker will probably know the circumstances of the potential sale and be able to tell you if the seller is willing to be a lender also.

Other ways to buy a business

Once you know the amount needed to make the purchase, the buyer can find other sources for money. There are businesses that specialize in loans to buy a business. Banks, relatives and friends are also potential places to find the extra money that is needed to make the sale. If the terms cannot be worked out into a livable deal, the buyer should pass, as a bad deal will put to much pressure on the business and could make the business fail due to financial pressure.


Flooring is a purchase that is not only done for new structures, but is often done in a home or business that is being refurbished. A new kitchen floor or den floor are common for homes. A new showroom floor for a business may be needed to make the business sparkle again. Whatever the reason, there are always clients willing to spend money so they can have the floor they want in the home or the business.

One of the necessities this business needs along with expert workers is a really top sales person or two. This product sells itself with help at the correct moment from an aware sales person. If the purchase of an existing business is in the works, make sure about either keeping the sales team or figuring who is going to make the sales in the future covers this.

author: Acquireo Team

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