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Car Detailing Business-Fixed and Mobile

3/21/2008 - by: Acquireo Team - Director of Marketing,

Why does a car that is twenty years old look like it just came off the show room floor and a newer car look like it is 40 years old. The reason that is most likely to be the case is the older car was detailed and the newer car was not. Detailing cars has become a big business that can be either mobile or a fixed location business. The mobile form of the business has caught on with the public, as the customer does not have to bring their car to the business and use up valuable time. The business comes to them and in many cases the car is detailed while they are working.

What is detailing the Exterior

Detailing the exterior of a car includes the engine, the tires and the body of the car. The detailing business will use a degreaser on the engine, wash and scrub the tires and then do the body of the car. This order of doing detailing is important as it makes for a better and more efficient job. Once the first two are completed, the final step, the detailing of the body includes both washing and then waxing of the body of the car. Having an expert do this work is becoming more common as people do not have the time to do it themselves and they want to protect and keep their cars in presentable shape. Cars cost a great deal of money these days, and the owner wants to feel good about the car they are driving.

What is detailing the Interior

This area of most cars is a catch all for all manner of trash and disasters. A car can, only be considered to be properly detailed, if the interior is thoroughly cleaned and cared for. This includes the ashtrays, the car seats and obviously the floor and the carpeting. The dash area needs attention as it catches dust and other dirt. The windows are one of the most important areas to clean well as the impression of looking out of a clean window is important to the customer.

Finding a detail business for sale or starting one

Finding a detail business that is up for sale may be easier than you think. One place to look is the search area on and also contact some of the business brokers listed on the site.

Acquireo also has car detailing businesses for sale listed at top reason to buy an existing successful business is that the business will have a customer base. This means the new owner will have immediate cash flow. Cash flow is critical to a business at all times and particularly when it is new.

Starting one up from scratch may be less expensive than buying one, but the drawback is the new owner has to begin prospecting immediately for customers. If you are good at meeting people and getting them to do business with you, then this may well be the way to get into the business. This decision is one of the first you will need to make as a new owner of a detailing business. A business broker can help with many questions and there are sites on the Internet that go into great detail about this type of business.

What you need to be in business

What you need depends on several factors. Is the business going to be a fixed location or a mobile service? A purchased business should come with the basics to carry out the business, including a customer base. If you start from scratch you will need to prospect and advertise plus equip the operation. The equipment needed will be a car washing system, vacuum cleaners buckets and many soft rags. You will need a supply of the correct cleaning products and waxes. The better quality in this area, the longer the job will look good. The washing system can be purchased on a trailer or mounted in the back of a pickup. This will be a substantial investment that will quickly pay for itself if you can get a reasonable number of customers to do each month. The mobile business may be easier to get off the ground, than a fixed location. In a fixed location you will have all of the expenses associated with having a building to work in and do the work. Both types of business have their own advantages and negatives.

Money and where to find it

Money will be needed no matter which business you elect to go into. If you do not have enough cash on hand, maybe the owner of the business you are buying will carry some paper on the business. A bank loan if you have good credit could be the answer also. People going into a business must work this out for themselves and come up with a plan that they can live with during the early months of operation.


Auto and small truck detailing has become extremely popular as people get busier with their lives and the cost of vehicles becomes an important expense. Time or the lack of it has been a very strong incentive for people to use this type of service. Most people would like to drive a smart looking vehicle and it is this desire that makes them pay for this optional service. The mobile version really takes all of these factors into account. This is the perfect one or two man operation to consider owning. The cash flow can be very good once the customer base is built up and steady. The cost of doing business is a small part of the business and the money paid to the business has a high percentage of gross profit. Purchasing an in place business is not a bad way to start as the successful business will already have a client base to service. Detailing is here to stay and there are many potential customers to approach.

Auto Detailing businesses for sale can be viewed at

author: Acquireo Team

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