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Opportunities in an Antique Business

3/21/2008 - by: Acquireo Team - Director of Marketing, Acquireo.com

People who have a rare item of furniture, art piece, porcelain object or a painting with frame, may need to have the rarity restored. Since these are valuable objects and the restoration must be done correctly by an expert, this opens the opportunity for a company that specializes in this type of work. The money that can be charged for a restoration depends on what needs to be done.

In order to do this kind of work, the person doing the work must be experienced and have knowledge of many types of restoration projects. The standard way to acquire this level of expertise is to work for several years in the business with a firm that does this work. There are a few schools that a person can attend to learn some of the techniques and this is particularly true in the art restoration. But the basic way to learn the business is by hands on experience. Getting a business to take you on and train you may be a hurdle, but it can be overcome with persistence and making multiple contacts. Once the knowledge is acquired, the chances to get into the business are open to an experienced person. This can be done by starting your own business or buying an existing business. Obviously the existing business is a better way to go as this type of business has developed clients and has built a reputation, which will bring in new clients.

Starting from scratch

Starting from scratch is never easy to do, as the person has to have some money saved and take the leap of faith to do this. In this specialized business, it can be done if you know quite a few people who can be possible clients and get you started fairly quickly so the cash flow can begin. There are not a great many expenses with this business, like there is for example in a pizza parlor. A person could start from their home and expand out as they grew. Reading and studying new techniques and methods is also a requirement to stay in business. Meeting the challenges of each project will be unique as each one will be slightly different. The person with the acquired knowledge and several years of experience can be pretty comfortable doing projects that they have done before. As they grow in confidence, the business can begin to get into areas that will expand the clientele and generate more income.

Finding a business that is for sale

Most people when they are trying to find a business that is for sale will use many sources to locate sales. The Internet is a good place to start and Acquireo.com can help you find antique businesses for sale near you. Business brokers are an excellent source and they also can answer many questions the potential buyer has about buying an existing business. Brokers have experience in helping a buyer find the correct purchase to buy. The buy must be affordable for the buyer or have terms that can be favorable to both the buyer and the seller. The business needs to have prospects for growth in the future and an existing clientele that will be likely to stay with the business. Finding businesses that meet all of these criteria is like looking for a four-leaf clover in a field of clover. A broker can cut the looking down to a reasonable search. Once a prospective business is found, the negotiations start. Again a good business broker can be of great help in smoothing the way to a fair deal for both the buyer and the seller.

Money makes the deal

When a business is sold, there is a final price that needs to be met by the buyer in order for the sale to be completed. If the buyer has all of the money needed to do this that is the solution to this part of the deal. If the buyer is short, then they must find away to come up with the difference. Loans from a family member or from a bank are two ways that could be explored to solve the problem. The common source of the difference in money is the old owner. Many businesses are sold every month with the seller as the supplier of the extra money. Normally when they do this the price for business is slightly higher. Sometimes this part of the negotiation is better handled by the broker than by a face-to-face meeting between the buyer and the seller. Since this is part of many sales, the broker will be experienced in handling the deal making and coming up with terms that both parties can live with. If the deal looks like it would put to much of a strain on the business, it should either be renegotiated or walked away from as a bad deal will not workout in the long run.


Restorations of valuable objects take knowledge, experience and patience to do correctly. The person doing this type of work will need several years of experience to do it right. Getting this education can be done in several ways, but a hand on experience is the best way to learn. There are special schools to learn how to restore paintings and such. Furniture takes learning as well and this is learned by doing the jobs. Most people in this business learned it from a personal teacher or boss. Finding a mentor is not an easy proposition and will take some hunting to discover a possible teacher. Many of the people in this business learned it from a family member. There are no shortcuts and the objects that are worked upon are too valuable to be experimented upon. People that own these treasures are very careful whom they will give this kind of work. A business with a good reputation will be offered more work than they can possibly do.

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author: Acquireo Team

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