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Dry Cleaning Laundry Businesses for sale

Below is a list of Dry Cleaning Laundry Businesses for sale.

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Well-established Dry Cleaner with a Pick

Dry cleaning plant with 18 hotels route and a pick-up station is now available for acquisition. Established since 1996, this dry cleaners have grown up to over $450K in annual revenue. The dry cleaning route that consists of 18 hotels is more than 4 years old, and the ...

Dry Cleaning Laundry Businesses for sale
Mid Cities, Texas USA

Established Cleaners in Irving for Sale

Well Established Dry cleaners now available for acquisition. This business is located in the strip center which is in the intersection of two busy streets where visibility from the street is great and also access to this business center is easy and convenient. This bu ...

Dry Cleaning Laundry Businesses for sale
Irving, Texas USA

Like Brand New Dry Cleaning

A brand new Dry Cleaning since 2007 already generating gross sales of 33K in monthly sale is now for sale. All new equipments in a clean friendly location with a great reputation for having a environmental friendly all natural organic cleaning fluid called Rynex. Perk ...

Dry Cleaning Laundry Businesses for sale
North East Dallas, Texas USA

Outstanding Dry Cleaning Plant for Sale

This is a dry cleaning plant that is doing $348,099 sales a year! This business located in central part of The Colony. It has been same location for more than 20 years now, and has great reputation from the neighborhoods. This store is situated in the end-cap space of ...

Dry Cleaning Laundry Businesses for sale
Denton County, Texas USA

Established dry cleaners in C. Dallas

This Dry Cleaner is in a stand-alone building which is surrounded by neighborhood. This cleaners has been operating at the same location for more than half century. This business is located next to the well known cities park. New Train station is about to open soon ne ...

Dry Cleaning Laundry Businesses for sale
Central Dallas, Texas USA

Multi Location Dry Cleaners & Laundry

Well known, profitable, multiple location dry cleaner and laundry in existence for over 20 years. Excellent reputation for quality and service, and widely recognized as one of the top cleaners in the area. Business has an exprienced workforce, with most employees cros ...

Dry Cleaning Laundry Businesses for sale
Southwestern VA, Virginia USA

Successful Dry Cleaner in N. Dallas

Already established Dry Cleaning business doing gross sales of $310,000 in this economic crisis is now on for a sale. As soon as the economy bounces back up there’s potential where the sales will bounce back up as well. No pickup station, no whole sale, and no route. ...

Dry Cleaning Laundry Businesses for sale
N. Dallas, Texas USA

Highly Profitable Coin Laundry

This Coin Operated Laundromat is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. It is located on a main thoroughfare in that sees some 24,000 cars per day. This business offers not only washers and dryers, but a multitude of other profit centers including: video game machines, ...

Dry Cleaning Laundry Businesses for sale
Palm Beach County, Florida USA

Hydro Dry Cleaning with Pickup Station

A plant with a pick up station for sale! Great thing about this business is that they use Hydro instead of Perks which isn’t environment friendly. Most of the landlords and the customers are in fact sensitive about what machines the plant uses. And Hydro is the winner ...

Dry Cleaning Laundry Businesses for sale
N. Dallas, Texas USA

Irving Dry Cleaner

Irving dry cleaning is situated in the end cap of the one of the busiest shopping strip. It is surrounded by many residents and businesses in a busy intersection. It has been in same location for nearly 20 years which it proves that it has good reputation from the cus ...

Dry Cleaning Laundry Businesses for sale
Irving, Texas USA
31 Listings found


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