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Acquireo is the internet's premier business-for-sale listing marketplace with over 10,000 businesses listed, over 200,000 monthly page views, and a 30% compound growth/quarter. Acquireo is widely known as the industry's most beautiful and easiest to use, technologically advanced business for sale website.

Audiences: business buyers, sellers, business brokers, mergers & acquisitions consultants, investment bankers, private equity firms, business professionals

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    Acquireo is the internet's premiere listing of businesses for sale - a marketplace for buying and selling established businesses of any size, type, price, and location. We make it easier for you to sell a business (or a number of businesses). Advertise your business for sale.

  • Business broker accounts

    BrokerLogics, Acquireo’s Broker Services division, is exclusively for business brokers - allowing you manage your account and add or modify all your Acquireo listings in one convenient place. Acquireo believes in giving you the very best value as a business broker who has listings to sell. And we are working extremely hard everyday to constantly increase that value to you. Find out more about the Broker services Acquireo has to offer you.

  • Banner advertisements

    Acquireo offers banner advertising for all types of businesses, allowing you to display a colorful ad prominently across all pages on our website. By rotating banner ads thorugh our dynamic ad delivery system, we ensure your ad will be prominently featured across our entire website. Various pricing structures start at as little as $25 per month, with options to meet your needs. An exclusive advertising option allows your company’s banners to display 24/7 on all page on our website. For more information please contact us.

  • Blog posting / Article sponsorship

    Looking for some more exposure for your business? Or maybe you just like to help people by giving and sharing advice? Acquireo accepts bylined contributions from outside writers for its monthly newsletter, article resources, and blog. Read more to find out how to contribute your expertise.

  • Newsletter sponsorship

    Sponsoring Acquireo’s Brokerlogics Newsletter presents your message to a highly targeted audience of over 25,000 (currently) opt in business professionals and is an ideal avenue for advertising your company’s product or service. If you would like to reserve your ad space now, please contact us and we will get the necessary paperwork to you as soon as possible.

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